Re-Setting Minimalist Mindset

Overwhelm is something that I have felt often. Much of my life has been spent trying for perfection and attempting to do it all. The unnecessary busyness, hustle and constantly feeling like I’ve fallen short has been enough to take my breath away.

Minimalism is my go-to when life just gets out of control. I was on my minimalism kick last year and then everything got chaotic again. My body began giving out, my mind was spinning, and my body got really sick.

I’m re-dedicating myself to minimalism because I have to. The switch from chaos/clutter/busyness to being content with less take a while to feel comfortable for me, because I’m so used to having the feeling of stress and a long to-do list. Although, it immediately brings relief, it still leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. That emptiness feeling can sometimes backfire, and make me go back to my old ways. My old ways of filling my time with unnecessary tasks, spending, and obsessing.

It’s totally worth the work because at the end of the day, all I’m really trying to do is to feel comfortable in my own skin and to feel relaxed in everything that I do.

Here’s what I’m currently focusing on in my minimalist re-set:

Less Social Media

I deactivated my Facebook account last year and it was wonderful. It didn’t take long to forget about it. Now that I have reactivated my account, I’d like to keep it open, just check-in less. I do love feeling connected and to use it as a means of entertainment, but nothing else. Once I start feeling like I have to compete with others, or when I feel like my life is not adding up to others – it’s time to unplug.

Decluttering and Cleaning up my Home

Ok, I’m a pro at decluttering. I am not scared to get garbage bags and chunk it away. However, when I lose sight of my ‘why’ I tend to go back shopping and over spending. Instead of rushing through my cleaning and decluttering, I am working on really doing this mindfully and soaking up the idea that this is a lifestyle, not a one time purge (I’ve made this mistake A LOT).

Staying with the Moment

One of the main reasons I am re-setting my minimalist mindset and doing less is because I have been going through the motions. Not truly listening and hearing my loved ones. I’ve been so exhausted and glassy-eyed recently that I literally ‘look through’ my loved ones when they are talking to me. Folks, I do what I do for them. My exhaustion and busyness is no longer an excuse to not hear what someone is telling me, not taste my meal, and to forget whether or not I brushed my teeth in the morning.

Doing Less

I gave up my side job. And although my money is way less now, I  already feel SO much better. That little additional paycheck is not even close to worth the stress it was bringing me. My resolve? Buy less.

Drinking More Water

I don’t eat many carbs a day. Sugar and start make me feel bad. However, I am addicted to diet sodas and Splenda sweet tea. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches and feeling pretty run down lately, and I am certain that the amount of artificial sweetener and dehydration is playing a part. So, I’m going to keep water with me during the day instead of sodas.

Teaching My Children More Independence

I’ve always been pretty big on this, but they are getting a little older now and at the age when they can help around the house a lot. Basically, if they can do it themselves, I am going to encourage them. I have been slipping on this because it takes less time for me to simply do the task then to walk my children through the how-to or raise the bar on my expectation as a parent. Now that I am giving up my side job, getting my house organized, and focusing on the moment, I can walk them through a task and have more patience with their reluctance than I could when I was working 12+ hours a day. I can not slack on this anymore because ‘I’m too busy’ because #1 it’s exhausting me having to do everything and #2 it is one of my main goals as a parent to teach my kids independence.

Loving Myself, My Body, and Practicing Self Care

This really needed to be at the top of the list. I’ve neglected my body and mind for far too long. I’ve spent waaaay too much money on beauty products and clothing trying to ‘feel pretty’ when in fact, I didn’t need to. Also, I need to raise my girls loving their body and showing them that the American Standard for beauty is ridiculous and will really, really mess with their self esteem as it did mine. I’m trying to un-do these feelings. As a matter of fact, I only wore mascara today to prove a point to myself. The No Makeup Movement is probably something I am going to experiment with and explore hard and heavy as well. Because we are all beautiful and deserve to love ourselves.

Wow, that list was long but I have a heavy heart and a lot of physical and mental clutter to process. All of these things are totally attainable and I am 100000% on board.

I also want to help others feel good about themselves, their belongings, and their life. Truly, less IS more.


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