No Poo: Holy Hairballs!



I woke up this morning to some fierce curly, scraggly bedhead as you can obviously see in the top picture.

Hmph. How in the world can I tame that beast?

My no poo journey has been crazy the last few weeks. My hair has it’s own personality and zip code apparently. I can never predict what I will find in the mornings because it has different looks, body, curl, oil, frizz, tameability each and every day. It’s like I get to open a surprise gift every time I look in the mirror.

So, from the bottom-left pic was my hair natural yesterday. I did a no poo, water only rinse last night and let air dry. I slept with it in a loose, high bun then woke up and BAM! There was no hope or scrunching that could make this presentable for the work day so I flat ironed it. You can see by the pics that the transformations go from one extreme to the other.

I really hated to do that but I wasn’t left with much of a choice. I didn’t leave the heat on long and really just knocked it back a little.

My hair today (pic on bottom-right) has a lot of body but feels like straw. It’s so dried out. It’s crunchy-fried, seriously.

The hair transition is intense and 99.9% probable that it will happen should you decide to go poo free. But, if you are like me and what you have been doing in the past just isn’t working – it’s worth a try.

Tonight I plan on brushing with my boar bristle brush really good to distribute the oils and just doing a water rinse again.


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