All Natural Soap: Gonna Try It – Patchouli Zum Bar


Indigo Wild: Zum Bar Website

Perhaps my dry, itchy, bumpy, splotchy skin is due to all the freakin’ harsh soaps I have been slathering on every day. Currently, I am using hubs Irish Spring bar soap because we have like, 10 left and also I guess my laziness is in rare form.

Unfortunately, my skin is in some rough shape.

Look, I hate lotion. Always have. It is only when it is a critical necessity for me to even put it on. So, my skin is dried out.

In the past, I have been to dermatologists and doctors with my splotchy skin. They say it’s a type of fungus (ew!) that can really only be treated with a pill that they will not give me because apparently it wrecks your reproductive system. I even begged before and their answer was no, slather Selsom Blue shampoo -yep, the stinky, sticky, bright blue one- on your skin and leave it. Treat 3 times a day for however long it takes. Yeah, I did that one time and quit.


Sometimes exfoliating helps, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s worse in the heat, and sometimes it’s not even on me.

I’ve learned that it’s just a part of me by now, but what if it has to do with the chemicals I add on my skin every day?


So, I am excited to try this Zum Bar all natural soap and see if it makes a difference. It would be ah-maz-ing if it clears up my skin as well as moisturizes naturally.

And, with the intro on their website saying “You’re gonna have a happy ending with Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap” how can I resist, really?

It’s 100% pure essential oil with goat’s milk. Easy enough.

I chose this one to start because it smells really earthy and delicious and I’m into that so…

Here’s what they say:


For all who enjoy rich, earthy smells— think freshly potted plants, autumn leaves and mud baths. Just a bit hippie-ish, but still delish. An ancient remedy for everything from nausea to eczema.

Yep- that’s what I’m searching for!

Also, I’m still doing the Caveman Regimen on my face and it is working out really well! Redness is going away and the oil is starting to wind down. I use only water to wash still, but have added a soft baby rag to gently wipe my face. The improvement on my face in only a week is what has inspired me to go natural on my body. Hope to see the same results! We shall see.

*this is not a review or anything. I am trying this on my own free will and will let you know how it goes.


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