No Poo: Hair that Smells like Hair – Pics & Weekend Updates

Ladies, imagine only taking 15 minutes to shower and primp in the mornings instead of 45-60 minutes. What would you do with your extra time?

I either use that time to be productive: put dinner in the crock pot or to chill: sip coffee on the front porch or do a little yoga.

My journey to simplicity has been a messy one, but the one thing I can say is that I love with a fiery passion extra time in my schedule. It recently dawned on me that I have been spending at least 6 hours a week on primping before work. That is almost a full nights rest or a full days work-for-pay.  Time that is being used to get ready for work. Work to pay for the beauty products and make-up that I keep using in this vicious cycle.


When I think of it that way it really makes me question why I am putting this kind of time into my daily routine.

I can still do the same amount of paid-for work without going all out on my looks, so why then am I wasting time on primping?

Which, let’s be serious. I love dolling up and stuff like that. A lot of girls do. But, at what expense?

I had fun this weekend experimenting with my lo poo and no poo routines. In the beginning I was using Burt’s Bees Shampoo & Conditioner. I didn’t love-love it. It felt a little waxy and of course my hair started getting oily during the transition.

So, I figured I would attempt using no poo at all. Simply water and that’s it.

The result was aweeeesome!


I had double the natural body upon air drying. And a lot of natural curl. I have never, ever had this kind of body and curl naturally.



Above is the closeup of the curl and body.

I’m starting my second week of going natural and it’s been interesting. I’ve enjoyed it, but I am also way out of my comfort zone.

My hair is not as oily at this point (still more oily than usual), but that is OK. It gives me a lot of body and grit to work with, naturally. I used to have to tease my hair to get body at my roots — not any more that’s for sure!

I have not used a hair dryer or flat iron/curling iron in several days now.

My hair air dries and it is pretty funny how depending on the day, my hair does it’s own thing!

Here’s me air drying after rinsing my hair with water only. This is about the 3rd day of only washing my hair with water. Not as curly & starting to dry out at the ends. I ended up adding the tiniest dab of grapeseed oil to the ends & it helped bring the curl back and moisturize.


Today it is unusual because I actually smell my hair. It’s not nasty or funky or gross, it literally smells like hair.

I’m not digging it – at all. I added lavender essential oil this morning, but the scent went away pretty fast. Now every once in a while I get a whiff of hair.


I’m trying a raw honey mixture. This will be the first time and I am excited to see what it does.

All in all so far I love using water only instead of the natural Burt’s Bees shampoos.

But, this hair smell though…

I hate to eat my words, but I am pretty sold on giving up chemical products. This is really working out well as far as body and texture goes! Very happy with the results! Plus, my oils are evening out so I am not so self conscious.

Also, I am still using my all natural body soaps – Zumbar and doing the Caveman Regimine with my face (water only). Loving them both and my skin is slowly improving.

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I have yet to tell anyone what I am doing and so far no one has even made a comment on my minimal make-up: cinnamon on my cheeks and mascara or eyeliner – no foundation and hair: no poo, air dried, no heat or style.

Perhaps I am the only one paying attention and wasting time in front of the mirror?


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