Natural Hair Product Transition: Week 1 Update

My Grandmother always told me when I was younger that I had ‘kind’ hair.

The kind that grows around a monkey’s butt!

Thanks, Granny.

It’s a good thing I am not easily offended. But, it really is true. I actually do have that kind of hair.

Fine, thin, dry, split ends, crispy and very hard to manage. It won’t grow out so I keep it short. It gets greasy on top and I have to wash every, single day and sometimes twice.

I’ve tried pretty much every shampoo on the shelf. From cheap to expensive. With and without conditioner. I blow dry and then flat iron it – eeevery day.

As time has passed, I totally accept my hair. I know that it’s not luxurious and never will be. I’m cool with that. However, I had a hair crisis last week where my hair literally started breaking off at the roots. Not to mention the front is so fried it’s just a frizz poof.

This incident led me to attempt the switch to shampoo and conditioner made with mostly natural ingredients. So far, I am trying out Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Pomegranate products. This is the only products I am using, and for now I still wash my hair once daily. Also, I still blow dry but do not flat iron.

Ok, on to the update:

This is the first week of the switch. The grease is noticeably less. The first day after the switch was the worst. I was so nappy I couldn’t even stand it. But, I pushed through.

I absolutely have more volume than before! It lifts from the roots and appears fuller. So that’s awesome!

I’m having a tough time accepting my hair only blown dry. Flat ironing was my go-to for so many years. Now my hair just lays, curls, frizzes however it wants to. Basically, I just tell myself this is my God-Given hair and no body expects me to look like a celebrity, but still: I am out of my comfort zone and element.

I washed my hair this morning, gently towel dried it, and then used the hair dryer. I did not brush my hair. What? I know. I just wanted to see what would happen. It’s wavier than if I use a brush. Still playing around with my ‘get-ready’ routine.

My plan: to get a boar bristle brush to help brush the natural oils through my hair BEFORE washing. I used to brush my hair when wet (being lazy), but I will only to it before now.

I’m slowly transitioning. I still have to look and feel somewhat presentable at work so I simply can not rock the whole air dried and greasy look. Not happening. My hope is that after a while my hair will get used to the natural product and then I can wash maybe every other day. Then less and less as time goes on.

Another hope: my natural curl comes in and my hair shafts heal and get moisturized and I can actually air dry at night then go about my business the next day without doing a thing.

It’s a fun experiment and actually harder on my self-esteem than I thought. I’m ok being out of my comfort zone for now, so what’s there to lose except ‘kind hair?’

Oh, also — I’ve ordered my daughter Burt’s Bees Baby Body & Hair Wash. I want to try this in hopes that it helps her dry skin issue.

Below is a pic of my natural hair product ‘do. This is a week into my transition from chemically filled shampoos and conditioners to a more natural option.

I know, I know this doesn’t make you want to run out and try the more natural approach! Perhaps in time my hair will improve? I don’t know, but I’m excited to see.


Next on the agenda…natural body soap! Hooray! I have some dry skin patches and little red bumps on the back of my arms that have always pretty much been apart of me. Curious to see if a natural approach will help. It is very possible that regular soaps, body washes, and scented lotions are the culprit. We shall see because it’s worth a try!


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