What I’m Doing: Weightloss (aka Doing What I Love) Plan w/ Before and After Pics

Our human bodies are a machine. We choose what to put onto, and inside. We have a choice on what we do with our abilities every.single.day. What if we made a conscious choice before every single bite of food? What if we changed the way we expended our energies? What if we lived for fun instead of obsessing over what our bodies looked like?

In my journey to simplicity, I have changed a lot of the ways I do things. Most choices and changes have given me the results I have been trying to obtain all along.

When I was younger, I was an avid competitor and athlete. My body was mine to build and I set many (repeat, MANY) goals for myself. Some healthy, others not so much. I wanted to win and be the best at everything. Goals ruled my life. I was constantly setting repetitive goals to achieve for results. Sure, I would make my goals a lot of the times — but a lot of times I didn’t. When my goal was reached, I got a little happy buzz. But, when I failed…oh my goodness. Guilt, negative thoughts, and feeling like an absolute failure stole my joy.

I have come to realize a lot of positive since I have found simplicity.

1. When you let go of goals, you open up limitless opportunity. I am result-driven now, instead of goal-oriented. Goals were fun to reach, but if I said “My goal is 100 situps” I would reach my goal and do 100. But, isn’t it possible that if I take away my goal limit I could do 300 situps? It’s like I would reach my goal, but not exceed it.

Now, I move every day. Some days more than others, yes. I no longer limit myself to a goal.

2. Instead of focusing on goals, I focus on the result I want to achieve. Change must occur in order to get to the result. I no longer set a time-frame on my results. I simply get clear on what I want and adapt along the way.

For instance: I wanted to lose weight. I was uncomfortable. I hated the way my clothes fit. I was tired, not sleeping well, never satisfied with food, and moody.

The action that needed to occur to gain my result was simple: eat healthier and move my body.

3. I used to do activities that I didn’t enjoy really to get to my goals. Perhaps I set a goal to run a mile at the track 3 times a week. Well, I would force myself to do it just to make my goal. Of course, it felt wonderful when done and I could say that I met my goal for the week. However, the goals and plans had nothing to do with enjoyment. It all had to do with meeting a goal and that’s about it.

I choose yoga as my activity now. I do it every day. There is no set timeframe or amount of positions that I must achieve, I just simply get on the mat (or wherever) and do it. Sometimes I do it for 10 minutes, other days I do it for 1 hour.

In the past, I was always interested in yoga, but never wanted to use my time in doing something relaxing. I figured it was a waste of time because I ‘needed’ to be doing something more physical and sweaty. So, I would forgo doing what I wanted to do for something I told myself I HAD to do.

That’s simply not the case. I don’t have to make myself do something I love. I just do it. And I do it a lot. That’s where success and enjoyment and stickability come from — doing what you love to do.

It’s the doing-it that is inspiring and giving results, not the tracking or doing things to simply meet a goal.

I had my husband take a before picture shortly after I started my weightloss journey.

At the time, I told myself this was pretty much as good as it was going to get. I was eating right and exercising. I had already lost a lot of weight from having a baby so I was happy, right?

That was my excuse. And since I have given up excuses, I just continued on my plan eating a healthier diet that gave me energy and doing yoga exclusively.


*Notice my hair in a greasy top knot in the after pic? I’m going lo’ poo and am in transition to a more natural hair routine. Updates on the progress soon!

The results are letting me know that I am doing the right thing. I am doing what I love, learning and practicing yoga, eating well, moving my body, and learning to love myself again.

This is a way more gentle approach than I have ever tried before. I am focusing on my daily choices. I am not looking to a future ‘set’ goal on my weight. No! I’ve done that my whole life and it is simply just not fun. Instead, I make the best choice possible every, single day. That’s where my results are coming from.

I am not done, I am only beginning.

Why do we set limits on ourselves with goals?

Can we rework the way we think to get clarity on who we are, what we love and just do that?

That’s what I am doing. Getting clear about what I love and choosing that path.

Simplicity, passion, love, and self care is the path I want. No question about that.

So, what about you, friends?


6 thoughts on “What I’m Doing: Weightloss (aka Doing What I Love) Plan w/ Before and After Pics

    1. Thanks, girl! Several years ago I would do some DVDs I had on hand just to get a basic idea of some moves. Now, I get inspiration from pinterest to add some positions to my routine.

      I actually just do my own thing and let the moves flow freely without a guide or video. I put on some calming music and get on the mat and strike some poses!

      Seems to be easier to me to just do my own thing than to follow a video now.

      Usually I do about 15 or so different poses that I stick to and just move about as I wish. After about 2 months I can tell a TREMENDOUS difference in my flexability and balance.

      Soon, I will add a few more poses to try to add in the mix to keep it interesting 🙂

      In the end I lay in Corpse Pose (just flat on my back) and breathe deeply and meditate. So relaxing and I sleep SO good now 🙂

      My intention is to get involved in a class eventually. Life is just a little too cray right now as far as full-time work and having to get my daughter right after work. But soon, hopefully soon!

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      1. I stretch every morning and evening, much like you do your Yoga, whatever feels right. I will have to get on Pinterest and get some starter poses to go on for now. How does it work exactly, how long do you hold these poses for? My biggest challenge is keeping my 90 lb DOG from trying to sit on me the whole time!! 😀


      2. That’s awesome! That’s exactly how I started getting into it. Just stretching out here and there because I was getting so stiff! Then, it naturally progressed with a little time.

        I try to aim at about 3o seconds each pose. Although, some poses are way more challenging than others and I can’t hold more than a few secs.

        It’s working my muscles differently than my body is used to because you are so focused on ‘holding’ the pose and balancing, the muscles (especially the core) is tight.

        Sometimes, I just tell myself that I will hold a pose as long as I possibly can…And other times, I do more of a ‘flow’ where I hold poses quickly – maybe 5-10 seconds each before flowing into the next move.

        I have a pretty lax routine now as you can tell haha!

        I’m FAR from advanced, just doing some simple poses, is all. Every once in a while I’ll throw in something hard to help build some endurance!

        Def check out pinterest, and also, I’ll try to get a post together of some of my favorite poses that I normally do in my routine!

        Oh man, the dog! That’s gonna be tough!! 🙂

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      3. Thanks for sharing!! It’s amazing how something so low impact can transform a body! I am going to start adding yoga to my evening two mile walk with said DOG. 🙂


      4. I know, it really is blowing my mind! Sometimes I feel like I’m just spoiling myself because it feels sooo amazing and I’m not ‘working out’ per se. It is toning a lot better than a lot of my past attempts! I think you really will love it in addition to your walks! The dog will too 🙂 hehe

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