Transforming Yoga Sequence: Enjoy Fitness in Your Life

Did you know that getting the results you want for your body can be fun and can be through something you actually enjoy? I mean, I think we all believe this deep down, we just don’t think that we can do what we want to get what we want.

That’s simply a lie we tell ourselves. Either, we have an idea that we would like to get a certain result and fail to take action, or we do like I used to: setting somewhat-feasible goals, going through the motions, and getting little results because there is just no passion, interest, fun, or stickability to the plan.

I’ve been interested in yoga for a long time. When I used to imagine myself as the person I want to be…I am a Yogi who goes on lively, worldly retreats. I am peaceful and unmoved by drama. I am fit, flexible, and at peace with who I am. I love myself and I love nature.

scccrrrrreeeeech….put on the brakes.

That’s not who I actually am or what I actually do.

I used to sit on the couch and read about simplicity and yoga all while munching on a snack and watching mindless t.v. (Alaskan Bush People? Really, why? I don’t know).

My excuse was that I’d never be that person. It took too much energy and I was tired from the day and my responsibilities. I wanted to explore yoga. I wanted to be fit.

Then, it clicked. Duh! Do something. As in: Get off the couch. Get your yoga mat (you know, the unused one hanging in the hallway), put on some calming music and pose.

What’s so hard about that?

Well, fear, disappointment in myself, lethargy, and simply not doing anything.

But, I now am giving up my excuses and taking action. Little by little I am transforming to a better, more fulfilled me.

I have a long way to go, obviously. But, I can tell you for certain: getting on my yoga mat is changing me. It’s toning me and calming me.

All I have to do is start. No goals, no judgement, no destination. Just move.

I have an example of my yoga sequence (website & picture found here). Sometimes I do all of them. Sometimes one or two. Sometimes I add newbies in the mix.

I don’t have a goal set for myself. I simply move and let my body guide me. 


My current favorite and also most improved pose is the crow:

CrowI feel like I am free and flying when I am in crow. Also, I can hold this pose for a long time and get higher off the ground than when I started. Progress, ease and flexibility feels good.

And I am in the feeling good business lately.

You may not be a yoga fan and that’s totally cool. But, if you are wanting to work on fitness, better sleep, and overall better health but are stuck: consider playing and doing what you truly love.

The results may just surprise you like they did me.


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