Why I am Switching to Natural Hair Care

I have a hair crisis!

It seems my fragile, dry, fine hair has spoken. A chunk of it broke off about a half inch from the root this morning.


My hair has been a major hassle since I can remember. It’s been dyed, cut, crimped, straightened, curled, and clipped with extensions.

Of course, all of this in an attempt for me to feel good about myself, and it’s true that when my hair is pretty, I feel pretty.

Safe to say that if it is breaking off and splitting in different ways: not so cute.

So I had a choice today: Continue my routine of chemical-filled products and heat to style — or don’t.

I choose don’t.

Now, I have purchased a natural shampoo and conditioner and I plan on air-drying my hair in the mornings. (I am in no way emotionally ready to attempt no-poo at this time, but that would be my ideal.)

This will be the first time in my life that I have attempted to do the natural-hair-thing.

I am curiously awaiting the thoughts and emotions that will arise while I attempt to heal my hair and minimize my morning routine. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

Which makes me wonder how in the world can rocking your God-Given natural hair be scary?

I have learned a few things since I have started simplifying my life, responsibilities, belongings, and drama:

I feel better. I feel lighter. I have less guilt about my choices. Life is better.

So, what’s there to lose?


One thought on “Why I am Switching to Natural Hair Care

  1. The majority of us look most beautiful with our natural hair anyway (even if WE don’t think so). Rock the natural look and learn to love what you were born with. Your hair will thank you 🙂

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