Excess is Not Sexy; It’s Disgusting, Actually

Clutter ain’t pretty.

unnamedWhat we have here is a surplus of bath towels and rags. I think a visual would be nice, in an attempt to air my dirty laundry.

I am attempting to shift my life strategy to focus on my priorities instead of random tasks that I loathe. My daily duties are seriously out of control, to the point of tears. Not that I am lazy, entitled, or mentally ill — it’s just that it is seriously¬†impossible to do things I truly love with so many pesky obstacles in the way.

One of my biggest stressors is keeping house. I work full-time. I commute 30 minutes one way. I also cook dinner at home. I have a daughter to snuggle, bathe, and get ready for bedtime. That leaves me oooooh, I would say zero hours to do loads upon loads of laundry. Not to mention that my dryer is slow as Christmas.

Back to the point.

Why does a family of 4 (one of which is a baby) need upwards of 30 bath towels? The answer is easy. We don’t. Given that we had like, 20+ dirty towels and I have other items to wash such as: clothing, this leaves me with a dilemma:

Do I just keep all the bath towels in awkward, smelly piles throughout the house; or, do I get rid of all but 1 load of laundry so we can have plenty and also freshie-clean bath towels weekly?

Um. Hmm. Let me see…

So, off went an entire garbage bag full of useless, stinky, unnecessary bath towels out of my sight!

Now we all have an appropriate amount to use and I *instantly* saved myself the stress and worry over laundry.

It’s amazing how much more space and how much cleaner my house is just by rounding up all the miscellaneous dirty towels from all the rooms.


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