Emergency Fund Announcement

Today I met my goal of an emergency fund!

I am so excited! My debt is hanging over my head like a constant rain cloud and I am so ready to kick it’s nasty youknowwhat.

The emergency fund was important to me, but pretty difficult to stick with. My first instinct was to just start paying off debt. However, I know that there will be little emergencies here and there so I want to make sure I have a safety net.

It feels pretty amazing.

This means next week I can start actually paying toward my credit card debt.

In the meantime, I am going to really hone in on my goals and meditate about the why’s I want financial freedom so I can instill lasting habits.

Rolling off the top of my head, this is true:

1. No more debt-stress and remorse

2. More self-sufficient

3. Work less hours (not an option right now, but future goal)

4. Contentment: being happy with what I already have

5. Focus on important things in the now; not mistakes of my past

Being one step closer to the person I truly am and letting my heart lead the way is a blissful feeling.


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