My E-Mail Makes Me Scared

The dreaded personal e-mail account.

It’s like we all subscribe, sign up, and ignore for so long we don’t even realize what is happening. Every website you go to, it asks for your e-mail address. Going to a new store? What’s your e-mail address? Can I send you an e-mail? Sure, why not.

Everything is fantastic until you are like me, and it gets out of control.

I quit logging onto my g-mail for so long that I had to reset my password.

The thing is, I need my e-mail for some personal items to keep since I loathe with a fiery passion paper documents. But, I am flippin’ scared. Like, as in, terrified. I can’t find anything due to the harassment of advertising and random statements and announcements from every single person on the planet it seems like.

So, I decided to clear it out.

There were 3,593 e-mails in there! What in the holy hell? I couldn’t find my important stuff to save my life.

My clear-out method was pretty rogue:

1. Unsubscribed from everything on the first few pages

2. Selected all

3. Moved to trash

Those three steps are pretty dang simple. A few clicks and away they all went. All 3,593 useless e-mails.

I’ll be real…

It was a little bizarre seeing “no messages” in my inbox and pretty addicting, satisfying, and freeing at the same time.

My gosh. I have GOT to be ruthless when it comes to giving out my e-mail address. That’s ridiculous.

But, my fear is now gone since I have nothing to be afraid of. And losing fear was simply the point.


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