The momentum that comes from making the right choices and making positive change in our lives is exhilarating.  I have experienced very low times in life where I felt my choices and the way I was living would never improve. Life was exhausting. The daily grind was insurmountable. One bad decision, would spawn a thousand other bad decisions to attempt to clean up the mess.

I made a vow a few months back to get rid of excuses and always, always make the right choice.

With some time and effort, I have dropped those excuses and made consistently better decisions. These two things have greatly improved my clarity, energy, and daily life.

Some things I have changed that have made life better:

1. Diet: No sugar. I am 25lbs slimmer and have more energy and clarity. Not to mention I sleep better and feel better about myself. I realize that splurging or going back to over-eating is simply not worth the benefits of eating properly.

2. Meditation: This was very hard at first, but carving out a little time every day to just chill and practice letting go is immensely important to me now. When my life was chaotic, I couldn’t control my thoughts or mental energies. I would get wound up and try to solve all my problems at once. I had no focus because of mental clutter. Meditating and breathing helps me separate me from my mental clutter. I can better let things go. When my mind is clear, I can give up excuses and make better daily choices.

3. Yoga: My new obsession. My body, mind, and soul is finally connecting. My arms are getting toned too, so I won’t complain!

4. No guilt: This is one thing that I just chose to let go. I will protect my soul and sanity with everything. Not feeling guilty is a huge weight off of my shoulders. By letting go, I can just move through life without any regrets. Plus, my mantra: no excuses & make the right choice aide in not feeling guilty.

5. Being authentic: This is tough because I feel so scattered all of the time, but I have faith that in time my true calling will appear. It’s hard for me to focus on who I actually am with debt, weight, physical and metal clutter all around. I am tackling those with a fierceness though.

I am excited about my future. I am thrilled to see where my life may lead. I feel positive and good about where I am for the moment. Of course, still a long way to go, but connecting to who I am and following my priorities in the now feels amazing.


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