Facebook Hiatus

Facebook is such a time and soul sucker, isn’t it?

Look, I have had a Facebook account since 2004. Mine was created when I was in college and it was it was only open to people with college e-mail addresses. This was before the newsfeed. It was a time when it was fun poking around and writing messages to friends. It was pretty much private unless you specifically typed in a friends name and looked at their page.

Now, everyone has a Facebook. Every picture, thought, and status update is available to all.

I’ve had a Facebook account for 11 years, people!ย Eleven years. Do you have any idea how many hours I have wasted feeding into everyone’s drama? How many saddened times I felt sensing that I was somehow “missing out.” How much effort and thought I have put into my status updates to show everyone that I am “cool” and that my life is all fabulous and fun?

I’m exhausted thinking about it.

I tamper with Facebook hiatus’s every now and again and it is refreshing. I remember the days before Facebook and I managed along just fine. I felt better about myself and spent time doing what I enjoyed rather than monitoring everyone else’s whereabouts and doings.

I’ve said it before on this blog that I am on a hiatus.


I deleted the Facebook icon from my smartphone.

That’s a big deal. Now I am not tempted at all to take a peek. The app has been gone for about a week and I don’t miss it at all.

I don’t miss what everyone else is doing.

I feel free.

Instead, I am reading books. Actuallyย books. And doing yoga and meditation.

I am able to focus on healthier options in my life.

Not to mention, the house is getting decluttered and cleaner too!

I am happy to unplug and disengage. This may just last forever. And, I hope it does.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Hiatus

  1. One of the very first things I did when starting my journey to minimalism was not only deactivate my personal Facebook page, but write to Facebook and have them permanently delete my profile. I took about three months away from social media before I started a new Facebook page devoted solely to my blog, and it is still not connected to my cell. I found myself to be a lot less stressed and irritated without a daily intake of Facebook. I didn’t miss it either, and started reading more and feeling more free as well ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. That is amazing! I wish I was brave enough to just have mine deleted permanently. It truly doesn’t serve any great purpose in my life. All it does is pass the time in an unhealthy way. I hope to come to a point where I can do the same ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. It can definitely feel like you are cutting yourself off from the rest of the world, but that’s not always a bad thing! I found myself making a greater effort to contact friends in better ways, and was more focused on myself rather than what everyone else was doing, buying, going, etc. I liked the idea of going back to the way things were before social media. Now I just share things from my blog there, and don’t find myself wanting to really scroll through the feeds, etc

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      2. I really love that. I am into looking at inspirational blogs and up to people, like myself outside of Facebook way more. Plus, I have all of my friend’s contact info. I would much rather grill out and hang out with them in person anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Yes, and yes!

    I deleted the Facebook app from my phone a few months back, when it kept on asking me to update and when I didn’t it glitched out my phone. So I removed it.

    Since then my usage of Facebook has reduced incredibly, and you know what? When I actually *do* go and check Facebook on my laptop, I’m amazed at how trashy the rubbish people post on it actually is. I can’t believe I ever used to be addicted to all that crap, reading updated endlessly throughout the day, worried I might actually miss something of importance.

    In all the time since I deleted Facebook from my phone, there has never been ANYTHING of real importance posted on any of my friend’s pages. Not one thing. Nothing. What I found is people don’t actually post the important stuff on their Facebook pages, with the exception of baby births and suchlike (which the ring people about anyway). They tell us the important news – and leave it off FB.

    So I found that while Facebook got all the gory details about what they were having for dinner (oh thrill me!), their move to a new job or home was never mentioned. It got all the pics of their holiday, but no details about where they actually WERE, or why they were there, or for how long. It got their latest knitted sweater (as if I cared) but no mention of the fact that they’d just been diagnosed with cancer.

    So no, I don’t think you’ll miss Facebook. But I do think that you, like me, might need to start making it a habit to ring or email your friends again, and catch up with them in real life. And I’m talking about your REAL friends, not your “Facebook” friends.

    Make life matter again. It’s worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I love that! And it’s so true. There is nothing but gossip, rants, glorified birthday parties, and fierce “life competition” between full-grown adults. Plus, I still have hundreds and hundreds of friends from college listed that I don’t even know. So, I ask myself…”what’s the point?” Has it been for me to attempt to measure up, gossip, and try to out-do my so-called friends? I never considered myself that type, but if you were to look at my Facebook page I never post what my life is REALLY like. I don’t announce my hardships, and I also feel guilt if I announce the good times because I don’t want to seen like I am bragging. It’s lunatic! I’m glad you have forgone the Facebook trap as well!

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