Confession: Do Not Disturb

What’s that I hear?


With the buzzing, vibrating, and dinging of our smartphones it is a wonder how anything gets accomplished.

It’s an addiction. It’s FOMO. It’s a stressor.

I am passionate about recognizing the irritants in my life and doing something about it.

My buzzing phone is now on do not disturb and it feels amazing.


8 thoughts on “Confession: Do Not Disturb

  1. I have learned to completely ignore my phone unless it is a phone call. Everything else can wait until I decide that I want to check texts, emails and of course WordPress notifications. I am the master of my phone. Ha Ha


    1. Yes!!! Isn’t it amazing how much strength and habit change that has to take place just to simply ignore the phone? Now that I am trying to be more aware of it, it just seems like complete madness! I am still having to explain WHY I don’t respond within milliseconds to people. I just wish they would understand that I actually have other stuff that I do besides look and wait at my phone all dang day long! Gah 🙂 The struggle is real.

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      1. That you were crazy! 🙂 But, I think that’s a lovely idea. I wonder how we all survived without them. Then I realize, life was just fine. It was better actually. I really don’t like feeling like I’m “on call” all the time. Because I am NOT.

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      2. It may even force people to start talking to each other again. I have my phone out of my pocket like anyone else. The difference is that I am usually reading a book on my kindle app. I keep notifications turned off and a few times a day I will check my email or messages. It is always my choice and I feel no guilt about not getting back to someone in less than a few hours.


  2. Absolutely.

    I have a smart phone – that I leave on silent. My view is that my smart phone is there to serve me, not other people who want to contact me. So, just like a landline, I may be there, I may not be. I’m not on call to the world.

    Hmmm…I feel a blog post coming on… 🙂

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    1. 🙂 I like the way you put that — the phone is there to serve ME. Not the other way around. It’s sad though, that people truly WANT an explanation as to why you didn’t respond within seconds to their text, or call, or FB post. It’s just so silly.

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