Updates: What I’m Doing

1. Debt: My emergency fund is almost complete. After that, debt better watch out! I am so ready to get this party started.

2. Half: I used my “half” philosophy and only ate half of my zalad for lunch today. No bloat, no excess, no 2pm crash, and no regrets.

3. Movement: I got off my tush for 30 minutes today at the office and it felt lovely.

4. Meditation: I am continuing my 5 minute a day meditation using lucent app. Sometimes it is hard to sit still and I have noticed that I get easily agitated. Lots of things to learn during my quit time.

5. Decluttering: Getting rid of excess is exciting. I am on a little role and have this urge to go through my cups and plates in the kitchen tonight. Pretty sure my family of 4 can survive just fine without 20 plates and 5 billion cups.

6. Social Media: I am still on a Facebook hiatus and I don’t miss it. Not even a little.

Reminding myself of my focus really helps me stay accountable. I am really scatter-brained and living a simple life is at the top of my priority list, so I must stay on track to live the life of my dreams.


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