Clarity and Shifting to a Simple Life


This is something that has been severely lacking in my life for several years. Since getting married, buying a house, becoming a mother, losing my job,  getting a new job, starting a successful Etsy shop, and keeping up with all my “to do’s” no wonder I have lost myself.

The life I so-wanted actually created a sinking ship for me.

I realized after some traumatic events, that I had to make a change. A major shift. I am still shifting. It is for the best and I feel lighter every day.

My brain and busyness fog is slowly lifting. I feel weight lifting off of me. My anxiety is maintained. I am able to slow down and appreciate more.

Perhaps I was waiting on life to take care of the mess I created for myself. We all know that isn’t how it works. It has taken some serious focus and humility for me to begin this change.

Since my last blogging hiatus I have done a few things to contribute well-being.

1. Created a mantra: NO EXCUSES. I tell myself this every time I procrastinate. It is a reminder that I am in control of myself, my decisions, and my life.

2. Changed my diet: I have lost 25 pounds by cutting out sugar/carbs

3. Yoga: I stretch every day and allow my brain to rest while slowly breathing

4. Quit attaching my emotions to negativity or drama of others

5. Read 2 books for my enjoyment – this is something I used to love but didn’t allow the time

6. Ride the waves – Every day I promise myself that I will no longer try to control or fight life. I ride the waves without judgement

7. Decluttering: Getting rid of duplicates or things in my home causing chaos. I am starting the process of only keeping what I use and love

8. Loving my daughter – I mean reeeeally soaking her in by being present

9. Etsy shop on hold – As much as I love it, it is too much to keep up with (and do well) in this season of my life

10. No guilt: I have a bad habit of getting caught up in other’s emotions and feeling guilty. I allow myself to be free from guilt

11. Stop spending: My goal is to be debt free as soon as possible

I am not perfect nor do I do all of these 11 things perfectly. After the last few months of focusing and changing my life, I can tell a big difference. My plan is to continue finding myself again and gaining clarity on my life’s purpose. No excuses and no apologizes for my decisions.


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