Self Love: Keep Reality-Meter in Check

Appearance ideals have evolved tremendously throughout the years. Now, we have HDTV, photo enhancements, and celebrities who spend endless hours in the dressing room as the ideal.

Society’s view of beauty is simply not realistic. When we compare ourselves to magazine-edited photos, super models, and red carpet lifestyle, we have to really be careful not to let it influence the way we feel about ourselves.

We are real, our family is real, and our friends are real. I don’t recall the last time my bestie showed up flawless and airbrushed with body dimensions out-of-whack. I love her dearly and believe she is beautiful! I know what I look like without makeup and my hair styled, and I can still feel beautiful at the end of the day because I know it is real.

The line between fantasy and reality have been blurred immensely.

When I was growing up, prior to the HDTV and Photo-shopped images, I still struggled and compared myself to who I saw on television. I wanted so badly to look like those girls and women. It distorted my view of who I was and what beauty truly looked like.

Unfortunately, I had a long battle with anorexia that I had to overcome, and still to this day I have severe body image issues.

Young girls – especially – are subjected to this new airbrushed, distorted view of beauty. It kills me inside to know what it is doing to the young one’s self-esteem. If it was hard for me back then, I can’t even imagine what it is like now.

Women strive so hard for beauty. I don’t know if it born into us, or if it is learned. Either way it is a horrible feeling to feel less-than.

Men have also been brain-washed into thinking about beauty like this as well. They see these women on television salivating all over a Hardee’s hamburger and that is what they think dinner-time should look like. And, I will spare my rant on how porn has totally botched women’s sex life and the way we feel about ourselves in the sack. That’s probably a post for another day. Or, a book.

I did a little experiment with photo-editing on myself and the difference is intense. With a few clicks of a button, I lost weight, my waist became tiny, I got a tan, fuller lips, deeper-eyes, make-up and perfect skin.realitymeter

When I am feeling rough and being too hard on myself, I take a moment to remind myself of a few things.

  1. Society’s view of beauty is unrealistic. Photos of super starts is as real as unicorns and leprechauns.
  2. My body is beautiful. Scars, rolls, discoloration, and all! This body grew a human being, y’all! How much more awesome can a body really be?
  3. Focus on myself. I am tired of worrying about what other’s are doing or what other’s think of me. It really doesn’t matter anyway. Other people are not concerned about what I wear, or how I look anyway. Because, they are too worried about themselves to pay me any attention.

It can be hard, but men and women both need to keep the reality-meter in check. The world we actually live in is what is beautiful. Cut off the t.v. and give your spouse a kiss. They are real. Worry about things that matter and keep priorities in check to feel relaxed and successful. Quit keeping up with other people’s where-abouts and doings on Facebook, especially if it makes you feel like your life isn’t living up to standards. Enjoy yourself. Ponder over what all you have accomplished and create a beautiful future. You are beautiful. I am beautiful. We all are beautiful.


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