Love Yourself. To Hell With Whatever Everyone Else is Doing


When people say to love yourself, it is natural to say “I do.” I am guilty of automatically thinking and saying that as well. But, if you are at a point when you feel that your life is in shambles, out of control, lethargic, and constantly feeling like you want or deserve more, you may have a little digging and prying into yourself to do.

My mission in these last few months is to really dig deep into my soul and heart.

After being pregnant for the first time in 2013, becoming a mother, recuperating from childbirth, learning how to be a mom along with my full-time career, getting laid off from a job then getting a new one, and then a marital disaster to overcome…it is time.

Most days I was feeling at my lowest. Exhausted, ill, sick, emotionally worn-out, and everything seeming as though it was a mountain to climb, I was left with nothing more to give. Just waking up –from maybe 2 hours sleep as a new mom, mind you- seemed like I couldn’t do much more.

The last few years has been a real test of my emotional, mental, and physical ability. I have always thought that I was a strong woman, but I have been put to the test. However, trials, tribulations and major change can bring out some serious issues and soul-searching opportunities.

I love myself. I truly, dearly, without question do. I know that for me to get on track, and get my life in control, it is up to me to show myself a little T.L.C.

You may be in a place like I was not too long ago where everything seems like a mountain and that life is controlling you – not the other way around.

Here are some things that I am doing for my well-being:

  1. Make time for your interests. This is imperative. Carve out a little time to yourself every, single day. I take a long bubble bath in the evenings. This is time for me to reflect on my day and also my future. It is quiet and relaxing. I can read or meditate for just a little bit. Just like you need one-on-one with another person to fuel a relationship, you need one-on-one time with yourself as well.
  2. Do something you have always wanted to do. Simply start. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s the first step that counts the most. For me, I opened my etsy shop, Charli’sWeb. I get to do graphic design, which is a passion of mine, and meet new friends online that have the same interests I do. I can advise other’s on how to run a successful etsy shop, and provide inspiration for success. I also wanted to write and get all this stuff out of my head and into the world. I want to share my journey with others here on Mrs. Minimalist.
  3. Challenge yourself. I am eating healthier and making time to workout and stretch. Now that I am older, my muscles hurt and being stiff just isn’t going to cut it! My goal is to lose 15lbs by summertime. I am not really a huge “goal” person per se, but I do like a good challenge.
  4. Create a mantra. Mine is: My time, schedule, and life doesn’t control me. I control my time, schedule, and life. This simple mantra keeps my life in perspective and reminds me that I am in control of my destiny. Obviously, we can’t control everything that goes on, but we can do a whole lot.
  5. Cherish your successes. I am my #1 fan.
  6. Make a change. Working at a job you hate? Get a new one. Unhappy with your weight? Exercise and implement portion control. Bills & debt piling up? Quit spending so much. Do more with less. Some things are not feasible to change overnight. Consider your circumstances and find simple solutions.
  7. Set yourself up to win. Create and design ways for you to succeed. Make failure not an option. For me, I found it hard to find time to workout around work. So, I workout during the day at the office now. I want to eat healthier so I got rid of all the junk and am only making the right choices when it comes to eating. Laundry is on my nerves, so I am wearing less (as in, I don’t have as many clothes. Modesty, people!)
  8. Get off Facebook. Please. Turn it off and go do something you have always wanted to do. Facebook is entertaining, but a little goes a long way. Don’t compare yourself to others. People aren’t being real about their life or situation. Only the best times, stories, and pictures are being posted. Don’t compare your life with what you see on Facebook. I may not always be off Facebook, but it’s been a month now and I don’t miss it at all.

Everyone’s lifestyle and situation is different. But, if you can define some things that is making your life harder, sit down and come up with a game plan. Start small. These small changes and decisions grow like a snowball. Once one area in life is better, maintain it, and move on to the next issue. Exercise grace and mercy on yourself. There is no destination because life is a journey. Enjoy the change and celebrate success!


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