Design Life So You Win


Failure has a way of taking over if we let it. Trying and failing is a part of life, and has a lot of great lessons to learn from so we can do better the next time. It’s the balance between constant failure and winning that has to be managed so we can feel successful and fulfilled.

It wasn’t until recently that I really started setting myself up for wins instead of focusing on constant failure. When we set out to do something and fail over and over again, we begin to get down on ourselves and feel heavy.

My friends, this gets old, boring, and exhausting. There is a better way. It takes a little thought, planning, and creativity, but is so worth it! By creating more wins in our life, we can design an environment for joy, freedom, excitement, and inspiration.

There are a few things that can be implemented right now so that you can get the benefit of results. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather win at life than lose. Thankfully, we can control a lot more than we think when initiative is implemented.

I’d like to share a few ways I have made tiny changes in my life that is setting me up to win instead of feeling like I’m always failing.

  1. Quitting the rush. For years, I have battled rushing in the mornings. I would push snooze until the very last second, skip a morning shower and make-up, and my hair a hot mess. Then, I’d literally run out of the door late for work, sit in horrific interstate traffic and be late. The anxiety was so great and frustration ruled my mornings. It looked terrible on my part to show up late, looking a wreck. I would show up feeling defeated and the rest of my day would be failure from there on.

This was a major problem. Since 5:45AM isn’t waiting on me to get myself together, it’s coming at the same time every morning no matter what.

I created an easy solution. I make myself wake up on time every, single day. The alarm snooze button is not an option any more. Then, I hop in the shower and enjoy the hot water waking me up for a good day. After that, I apply make-up and do my hair for professionalism and for self-respect. Once I am ready, I feel nice and accomplished. Lastly, I leave a little early, allowing for enough time to navigate the traffic and arrive on time.

This seems so obvious, but if you get in a routine of rushing, it only leaves anxiety and frustration. It is important for me to take my time. Now that the rush and anxiety is gone in the morning, and I am dressed and ready for the day, I win

2.  Being active. Oh, my goodness at the excuses I have given about not having enough time to workout. It’s true, I am a busy person. I work full-time, have an etsy shop to run, I’m a wife, mommy, and step-mom. I have a house and chores and things to do. Since being in shape is important to me, the excuse that I am too busy to workout is a sham!

The problem is that I truly am too tired to workout in the mornings and it’s difficult to workout after work. I have kids to pick up, supper to cook, etc.

I have solved the problem by purchasing a Zobi workout weight (the picture up top of the post). It is 7lbs and the coolest weight I have ever used. It is shaped so that you have to work to hold onto it. I can do all sorts of moves with it and feel the burn. I have it at my office and do reps throughout the day. When I take a break, instead of munching on Cheetos, I workout. By the end of the day, I have done hundreds without even knowing it. Also, while getting ready in the morning I do squats and calf raises. It may seem a little unusual, but it works.

3. Stop giving excuses. I have an excuse for everything. I may want xyz, but expect the world to just produce it. There is no genie in a bottle, people! Once I realized that all I am doing is whining and not doing anything about my problems, I started making changes.

Eating healthy and smaller portions is an example. I would complain that I couldn’t lose weight because I didn’t have time to workout or time to cook healthy meals. Bullpoop. It takes just as much time to order something healthy than fattening. Also, when cooking at home, a chicken breast with a side of veggies takes the same amount of time to prep as does hamburger helper.

I got honest with myself. I just wasn’t making change because I didn’t want to. 

Changing mindset. I have a new mantra:



Try saying that and meditating that for a minute.

This is the absolute truth and there is really no way around it. The reality that I am the one making decisions for my life, not the other way around, is very eye opening. I gained weight because I didn’t eat right or exercise. I look a mess going to work because I didn’t wake up in time to make it on time. I was overly exhausted because I didn’t take care of myself, or get enough sleep. I was frustrated because I let other’s control me when I didn’t want them to.

Now, I am looking at things through a different mindset. I choose healthy foods and workout and I am losing weight. I make time to relax and do things that I like. I wake up on time, and get ready and enjoy my mornings without rushing so that I can be where I am supposed to be. I am winning because of my choices.

We all can win more if we create it. What are some things that you want changed? If you know what they are, what can you do to change it? Unfortunately, life doesn’t conform to our wants. We design the life we want by our active change and choices.

Winning can be a daily occurrence if we make the decision to allow ourselves to win. Remove the failures that are weighing you down and replace with wins. Set your day so that you can’t fail even if you try! Those are the absolute days. After a while, the wins will boost confidence, make you feel fabulous, and have less anxiety.

I want a life of wins oh, so badly. And, since it is up to me, I will make sure that happens.


3 thoughts on “Design Life So You Win

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Over the years I have gotten rid of so many things that consumed the demand on my time. I am still busy, but I learned that by simply not watching TV at night I can get to bed earlier, sleep much better and get up early and have time to hit the Bowflex or Treadmill before work each morning. I created what I call, “My Time” early in the morning. The funny thing is that I don’t mind getting up early because I actually look forward to it each morning. When I am not working out, I use this time for quiet meditation or writing.


    1. That is wonderful! Carving out time for yourself can really make a difference in the day. I have learned that filling time unnecessarily or wasting it on tv and social media instead of designing the life you want is depressing and aggravating! So, I am trying to do better at taking care of myself and fostering the life I want!

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