Life Survival Kit: Be Prepared for the Tough Stuff


You know how life is rocking by and all of a sudden BAM! That life you were living is suddenly changed. It could be the loss of a job, death of a loved one, or marital disaster. One way or another, we all hit a major speed bump along the way. Disaster is sure to strike, and it can seem like catastrope if preventative measures were not in place before doomsday.

Our lives are notoriously changing and adapting for better or worse along the way. There is no sure way to plan for it or prevent it.

There are a few things I have learned since going through some disasters  of my own. I call it my Life Survival Kit, and when defined, maintained, groomed, and put to action can really be helpful when things aren’t going so well.

1. Stop and reflect. Try not to panic. Our reaction to a situation is the only thing we can control. Sometimes, what happens to us seems so big, we feel that we can never overcome.  When tradegy strikes, awaken yourself. Review your personal brand, values, and mission statement first. Put those into action to squelch fear.

2. Be kind to yourself. It is inevetibale that you may feel defeated, betrayed, angry or sad. That is normal, and quite frankly, makes you human. Allow emotions to appear, feel it, then let it go. Harboring fierce emotions is extra weight to carry. Gently move through the emotional roller coaster. If you need to cry, grab a box of chocolates, relax in a bubble bath, and cry your eyes out. Once you calm down, get out, and do something that you love to do.

3. De-Clutter. There is something powerful in letting go of your material possessions. Having a clear space and extra room is exhilirating. Pick a space to de-clutter if you find yourself in the dumps. Letting go of the old, welcomes space for the new. Enjoy the clean space. Our surroundings is in direct correlation to our emotional/mental state. Symbolically de-clutter your space, while simultaneously de-cluttering your mind.

4. Take care of you. We can get in the routine of giving so much of ourselves to others. If disaster strikes, it is imperitave to take care of ourself before we can do anything about the situation. Go easy on yourself.

5. Actively keep finances in order. Creating a budget in the middle of a disaster is not the time to start. Start now before times get tough. I was laid of from my job last year without a dime in my bank account. Talk about freaked out. I learned my lesson the hard way. Pay off debt now! Have something in your savings for a rainy day. Taking care of finances now, is one less thing to have to worry about in the middle of a storm. Trust me on this one.

6. Know who you are at the core. Stay true to your core, always. When times get tough, your values can be jeprodized. Be confident in yourself. Believe in yourself. And no matter what happens, be yourself.

There is no perfect solution on what to do when things go crazy. However, being prepared in the now before times get tough is best. You will be better suited to move through turmoil with more confidence if you begin taking care of the important stuff today. I try to do the important stuff now. I have tried rocking along unprepared, and then disaster strikes. In those times, I would give anything to have been better prepared. Now that I am older and have more experience, actively keeping my important priorites in line constantly keeps me prepared for so many things.

Know who you are. Let go of things you can’t control. Don’t spend more than you make. Take care of yourself first.


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