5 Easy De-cluttering Hacks


Clutter has a way of collecting and piling up around us. That clutter builds in our space, and then builds even bigger in our mind. When my home is heaped up in dirty clothes, paperwork, and dirty dishes, my anxiety spikes. When everything is cleaned up, I can relax again. I am not Type A or an expert in cleaning house that’s for sure, but I have found a few ways that help me keep my space open and clean without much effort.

I would like to share 5 easy ways to de-clutter quickly and efficiently.

1. Define a space that is cluttered and bothersome. If you have a space in your home that is cluttered and constantly bugging, that’s a good place to start. Give yourself a 5 minute window to clear as much as possible. Set a timer if that helps. Clear as much off as possible in that 5 minute span. Throw trash away and put everything where it goes. 5 minutes isn’t a long time and you can clear away and de-clutter so much! If after 5 minutes you want to keep going, by all means do it! If not, pat yourself on the back for progress and do another 5 minutes later, or the next day.

2. Use a basket for a large space. If the space you are clearing has a lot of things that need to be dispersed in different rooms in your home, grab a laundry basket before you begin. Stuffed animals, clothes, paperwork, etc. can be thrown off the space and into the basket. After you clear, take the laundry basket around with you and put everything away in the rooms where it needs to go. This makes it a quick way to put everything back without taking lots of trips back and forth.

3. Find a home for everything. If you don’t have a home for your items, declare one as you de-clutter. Put paperwork in an unused cabinet, car keys on a hanger, shoes in a basket by the door. Everything in your house should have a home, and that home is where it should live.

4. Once clean, keep it clean. You didn’t just de-clutter for nothing! Once you clean off an area, promise yourself to keep it clean. Keep items in their homes. A clear, flat space is serenity. Once you clear the clutter in your space, your mind will automatically relax.

5. Light a candle. Light a candle after you de-clutter. This signifies and seals the work you just did. The light flickering away in a clutter-free place will shine bright. Use this as a reminder of your hard work and breath easy knowing you have wide open spaces!

There are so many ways to clean, clear, and de-clutter. Find a way that works for you. I have learned that it is not an organizational method, so much as we have too much stuff. Get rid of duplicates, let go of anything outdated, broken, or unused. The less stuff you have, the less cleaning there is to do. Remember that next time you want to go on a shopping spree!

By starting small, spending a little focused time in one area, and sealing your hard work with a candle is little work with a lot of impact. Set yourself up to win. Dedicate to your space, clear and clean and then relax.


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