How to Empty Your Closet & Fill Your Heart


For years, my wardrobe was my shield. I felt that if I could just wear the right things, stand out, have more, I would fit in and people would like me. I would go shopping to feel better about myself. If I only had this life-changing pair of pants, this expensive pair of shoes, or more options than someone else, I could really be somebody.

With that mindset, my credit card debt kept building. Guilt ruled my morning routine. Buyer’s remorse filled my spirit every, single morning. I knew that an outfit doesn’t make a person likable, but I just couldn’t stop acquiring more stuff.

A lot of things changed when I became a Mother. Since I had another little human to clothe and feed, my wardrobe splurging needed to stop. My outfits were covered in boogies and baby food. I wanted to look put together and not let myself go of course, but I soon realized that this life wasn’t just about me anymore. This was my pivotal moment.

I realize that there is so much more to life than what we can acquire. It seems that we can use our stuff as a security blanket, when in reality our heart, body, and mind should be our security. It’s not what we own, or wear, or drive that makes us unique, passionate, and successful. It is our heart, intention, and compassion for others that truly matter.

One of the first things that I wanted to take control over and simplify is my wardrobe. That certainly doesn’t have to be where you start, it should be something that is bothersome and matters to you.

When I started emptying my closet, I started filling my heart.

Here are some things that I did to change my clothing ways:

1. Have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Define what it is that is bothering you and that you would like to change. More times than not, we wait on our life to just present good fortune, organization, and success. That is just not the case. It is up to us to create the life that we want. No matter how small, if it is important to you, then it should be a priority.

For me, constantly organizing my over-stuffed closet for so many years hit a last straw. I was tired of being a Stuff Manager. I knew that no pretty Pinterest closet was going to manifest itself into my house unless I actually did something about it. My heart-to-heart was that it is up to me to correct this problem. So, I grabbed two woven baskets and filled them with clothing and declared it my new wardrobe. Now that there is a solution, and I have set myself up to win, and I can not fail.

2. Set yourself up for success: How can you win? Think about a winning strategy and do that. My wardrobe is all mix and match, filled with bright colors, comfy cottons, and easy to put together while still looking put together. I can not fail even if I just grab into my baskets blindly because I planned for everything to mix and match.

3. Just start: Simplifying is a journey. Even when you simplify to a point you are satisfied, there is still maintenance that will have to be done forever. Knowing that, give yourself a little grace and start small. Pick a corner, bookshelf, drawer, or portion of your closet to start de-cluttering. The point isn’t to get rid of everything at once, just simply start.

4. Mediate while simplifying: I’m not talking about perching up on top of a mountain singing ‘ohm.’ Kindly remind yourself as you release your clutter why you are doing it. Is it to free up time and hassle so you can spend that time more wisely doing things you love? Are you tired of doing mounds of laundry for no reason? Do you think clearer in open spaces?

5. Write a priority list. Mentally, on paper, in a word processor, whatever you like so long as you know your priorities.

Mine are:

  • Snuggling my daughter
  • Lounging with my hubs
  • Little distractions
  • Clear spaces
  • Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Enjoying a good meal
  • Bubble baths
  • Warm bed and rest
  • Being outside
  • Reading a good book

Not one of them is organizing stuff in my house, walking through clutter, spending time on chores, shopping or racking up credit card debt.

Knowing our priorities, we can better clear the excess. Ask yourself if what you are doing aligns with your priorities. If it doesn’t, it needs to be let go.

When we are real with ourselves, know our priorities, meditate, and let go of the unnecessary we can live a life full of purpose. The shift from excess, to simple allows so much more time and room to grow into the person you are meant to be. Start small. You will gain momentum and before you know it, your life looks more like what you want. Our stuff doesn’t make us who we are. Life doesn’t conform on it’s own into what we want. We have to take a chance, and design it to align with our soul.

Now that my closet and wardrobe is simple, I can spend time doing the things I love. I don’t have to worry about laundry, looking a certain way to please others, or organizing any more. I can use my new free time being authentic and doing more of what I love.


3 thoughts on “How to Empty Your Closet & Fill Your Heart

  1. I LOVE this idea of decluttering your life to make room for the important things like spending time with family and doing things you love to do. I think we all need to declutter sometimes, and take a step back to look at our priorities in life. What was your motivation to do this? 🙂

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    1. Rebekah, you are so right! De-cluttering is sometimes is the answer to getting life back on track. With all the busy schedules, deadlines, kids, etc. clutter can take over. I have to remind myself of my priorities often, & when I do my life standard increases so much! I was motivated to change about a year ago after I had my daughter. I had been trying to simplify for so long (working too much, getting in a tizzy of housework, using shopping sprees as a past-time etc). Once my daughter was born, that was my pivotal moment. I knew I had to change and get some things in order! Good luck to you and your simplifying journey as well! 🙂


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