How to Make the Most of Your Minimalist Wardrobe


Just because you and I are simplifying our wardrobe, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. I think one of the reasons that I have put off minimizing my closet is because I fear boredom. Being fashionable is important to me, so the attachment between me and my clothes is fierce.

Once I realized that I can be stylish and have a simple wardrobe, the attachment to my overflowing closet diminished. Now, I can approach my simple wardrobe and mix and match and accessorize so that I can enjoy my clothing without doing loads of laundry every day and stuffing clothes into every available nook.

How to make the most of your minimalist wardrobe:

1. Accessorize- by mixing and matching scarves, hoodies, cardigans, jewely, & belts you can make 1 wardrobe many different ways. If you have a solid shirt, it can be worn with a cardigan and scarf one day, and then just the shirt, belted and a statement necklace the next time. You now have two completely different outfits out of one shirt and everyone else is none-the-wiser.

2. Signature brand- right now I am wearing bright lipstick as my signature. You could do funky shoes, bright fingernails, or master different hairstyles. Own whatever it is. People around you will anticipate your signature update, and be less concerned about your outfit.

3. Pick three – before I downsized my wardrobe, I literally had over 15 pairs of pants that I would rotate through. Jeans were taking over my closet and a complete pain to wash, fold and put away. Now I have only three pairs that I wear. 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of black pants 1, 1 pair of jeggings. Since I sit in an office all day, I wear them several times without washing.

4. Use your best – when you select your minimal wardrobe, use items good condition. Pick the best made items, the most flattering, and the most comfy. Since you wear these items repeatedly, make sure you look good, feel good, and love each piece.

5. Creative mind- if you slip and desire to go on a shopping spree, gently remind yourself why you have simplified to begin with. I’ll take a fatter bank account, less laundry, and peace of mind over excess debt and chores any day.

It’s important to enjoy this journey. Believe in yourself and your purpose. Love your new free time and mindset. Do something you have always wanted to do instead of focusing on dressing to the nines just to impress others. Go outside and get some sunshine instead of washing and folding laundry all day on your weekend. Be yourself. Create a new brand. Improve yourself. Feel better about your choices. Pay off debt instead of spending it on a new outfit. Be comfortable in your skin, not your clothes. Minimizing is not always easy, but so much good comes out of it.


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