How to Rock Your Minimalist Wardrobe


I have tried for so long to narrow down my wardrobe. It always piles right back up because I fear what others think about my clothing, how I may feel out of style, how I don’t want to fight the urge to spend on new stuff. Throughout my simplifying journey, I have found out a few tricks. I want to share a few things that work for me and my minimalist wardrobe.

Most important:

You do not have to look a-hot-mess to be a minimalist.

You just don’t.

Keeping that in mind here are a few ways to enhance creativity and enjoy your simple clothing routine.

1. Know why you are using a minimalist wardrobe. For me, it is for less laundry, less time taken to think about what to wear, less spending hard earned money on fashion, and more time doing things I love.

2. Enhance natural features. I am jealous of you who have ditched makeup. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I use bright lipstick and bring focus to my eyes instead of clothing. Look at my eyes, not my outfit strategy.

3. Accessorize. Use necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and belts to add dimension to your look. Put a belt over your cardigan. Roll up your jeans. Wear braided hair. This adds creativity to your basic clothing pieces.

4. Take care of yourself. Take a long bubble bath. Light a scented candle on a clean countertop. Lotion up in a scrumptious scent. Use essential oils. Today I am wearing Valor for courage, and a musky, sexy scent. No outfit can compare to a relaxed, smiling, happy you.

5. Enjoy the journey. This takes creativity and grace. Believe in yourself and have fun with ideas you come up with.

These are some of my favorite tricks to rocking a minimalist wardrobe. Saving money and having barely any laundry duty is priceless.


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