Relax with Vacation Mentality


You know that buzzing feeling you get when we know we are about to be on vacation? The pressure is off, we can leave house chores behind, and we can lose all guilt for being lazy when we want to be. I lust after being on vacation. Not necessarily because I am going somewhere cool, just because I can leave worry behind.

When I gave birth to my daughter not only was I ecstatic about meeting her, I was ecstatic about being in a hospital for a few days where I didn’t have a mess to clean, meals to cook, and I could lay there fewling blissful because I didn’t have work to worry about. Since I still struggle with stress about all I have to DO, I am now declaring vacation mentality a daily must.

It is sad to say that it is hard to get into a vacation mentality but the benefit is so great that it can’t be denied.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get in the mood.

1. Be comfy. We spend so much time dressing to impress others. Vacation mentality is about making YOU happy.

2. Forget the house. Ok, this is my biggest stressor. I am finally realizing constantly cleaning up  after everyone is no longer working for me. Declutter, reuse, and make little mess as possible. If you are stresses, let the chores go. I promise it will still be there tomorrow and you can deal with it when you feel like it.

3. Don’t feel guilty. If you want to lay on your haunches all day, do it. If you want to drink wine watching reruns, do it. If you want to scope out amd eat at a new restaurant, do it.

4. Take a bubble bath. Just do it.

5. Meditate. When you feel a pang of guilt for being in vacation made, tke deep breaths. Remind yourself that you can’t do it all and you are giving yourself a break.

6. Make vacation mode a habit. Every day be on vacation! Do what you want and forget the rest!

I am entering into a constant vacation mode. I am focusing on what matters, not what I have on a to do list. I have one thing to do, and that my friends is to vacate.

You can try it too! If stress is ruling your life like it has been mine, a vacation may be all you need!


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