Minimal Closet: To hell with laundry duty


You are looking at my new closet.

This came about after I almost cried knowing I had about 7 loads of heaping laundry that needed to be done.

Keeping up with out stuff is a real struggle, folks and here lately it is turning me into a meanie. I have tried systems, organizational bins, donating, you name it! I am frustrated, ill, and over it.

I want to put my notice in and quit being a stuff manager. I’d rather spend my time soaking in a bubble bath, snuggling my daughter, and being at ease.

These things are way more important than mounds and piles up laundry to do, only because I am scared to wear the same thing twice.

With this new closet I can do one load of my laundry once a week. I am so THRILLED to know that I am quitting my job as a stuff manager.

My old closet is sadly still full, but once I get the hang of my new closet it will be empty.

If you are like me and want to minimize laundry and make dressing a breeze and kill laundry duty here is what I did:

Fill only two baskets full of clothes you plan to wear. This is your new wardrobe. Be FREE!

I selected solid tanks and long  sleeves shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 3 cardigans, 1 hoodie, 2 printed blouses. For loungewear I have 2 yoga pants, 3 tshirts, 2 sweatshirts.

I have 1 pair of boots and 2 pair of Toms for shoes.

I plan on wearing necklaces and scarves to accessorize.

To hell with everything else.

Instead of doing laundry this lovely Saturday, I am blogging and relaxing! Now, this is more like it.


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