Turn Off Auto-Pilot & Turn On Curiosoty

Living on auto pilot is common. It is also an exhausting way to spend our days. I live like this, but I am on a quest to change my auto-pilot habit.

The daily grind can leave us feeling overwhelmed and complacent. Our heart and mind wants more. No matter where we are today, we can enjoy the grind if we change our mindset.

A great place to start is seeing the mundane with curiosity.

My morning commute to the office is boring. It is just another day where I am heading to do the same annoyances of yesterday. Since I can’t change my work circumstances today, I am changing my mindset.

1. Watch the gorgeous sunrise. Notice the colors. Watch the  birds as they fly above.

2. Reminisce. I normally try to block out old memories good or bad. I feel sad when my fond memories have changed. I do not want bad emotions coming back, so it gets blocked. But today, I allowed myself to remember and it felt so good. Bad memories didn’t ruin my day. The good felt just that, good.

3. Be curious about your location. I learned the town I work in was established in 1540 and is a historic district. It may not look like that on auto-pilot, but with a curious mind there is a lot to learn and find.

It is surprisingly challenging to open up to curiosity if you live on auto-pilot like I do. But it was a breath of fresh air, and I intend to do that tomorrow.


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