Change Your Personal Forecast: Be Real and Take Action

There are times when a feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm can hang over your head. It is an undeniable feeling of weight and guilt.

This feeling is the main reason I am on a journey to a more peaceful, simple life. When I am actively working towards eliminating this feeling, I feel at ease. The dark cloud begins to lift and sunshine starts peeking through. My mission is to have a   consistent sunny forecast with minimal cloudy days.

When the thick clouds and thunder take over and I have more storm than sun, it’s time to change my forecast. I am Mother Nature of circumstance. The sooner it is known that we are in control, the easier the grind and circumstance.

If you are like me and are in need of sunshine, let’s take control.

Asses the storm.

Debt occured while I was unemployed and it is weighing me down. Even though my purchases were necessities, I still owe.

Action Plan: Get real with where  you are right now. Push denial aside and gain truth. It is normally not as scary as imagined. Once the truth is out, an action plan can be created.

I logged on and wrote down on my calander all credit card balances. The minimum payment and due date has been added as well. Next, I added all other recurring payments, such as the mortgage, insuraces, and auto expenses. Seeing this in a monthly format has me head-to-head with debt. I have income, payments, and spending figured out so that I can pay off credit card debt in 6 months.

Knowing that credit card debt will be gone by summertime makes me feel excited, in control, and positive. These feelings serve life more effectively and peacefully than being overwhelmed and lost.

This is only one example of my mission in turning clouds to sun.

Be real with yourself. Lies only hurt and hold us back. Create a plan to relieve some stress. Make it all positive and know  you may slip and fall, but can easily get on track again. At the end of the day know we are in control and (most of the time) we can relieve the strife and cut ourselves a break.


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