Drastic Change in 6 Easy Steps

There was a time when setting goals ruled my thinking. I set them, strived, reset, repeat.

Time and experience have led me to a different kind of thinking. I am setting this inner struggle and competition against myself by striving to be better. When a goal is accomplished, I am elated but only for a moment.

I am letting go of the goal concept and embracing a standard of peace and betterment without the struggle.

Here are some examples of things I would like to accomplish while being open, honest, and forgiving of myself if my wishes change or if I decide to abandon all together.

Be at peace with change.

Breathe in the morning air with purpose and a sense of a new start.

Recognize every wink and hug from my daughter as the most precious gift on Earth.

Accept truth without denial and fear. Learn from it, let go, and grow.

Spend a little time outside each day.

Drink more water.

Practice greatfulness in the mundane.

Pay off remaining debt.

Create and be resourceful.

Live with what I have.

Grow my business.

Focus on me.

I want 2015 to be a year of change, not a year of goals.

It is possible to drastically change with a few simple steps:

1. Start small. Pick one thing to change and master it before moving to the next.

2. Remove distractions. Clear the clutter and think fresh. Stuff and busyness is a curse that only weighs us down.

3. Slow and steady. Change doesnt happen overnight. It is a rewarding journey and we all have lots to learn on the path.

4. Believe in yourself. Turn off the negative chatter. You must love yourself first.

5. Hope in where you are heading. There is a reason you want change. This is my main struggle currently. I  learning to:

6. Trust my gut. Me and my gut argue constantly. Ease in and trust yourself.

We all have one chance at life so we dang sure better make it count!


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