Defining and Finding Passion


Everyone wants to feel passionate. It is something that seems impossible to find. When you find yourself feeling like you don’t have time to be passionate, or if you are stuck and don’t know what your passion is, understand that it can be found and there is plenty of time for it.

Passion is something I have studied. I have ready plenty of inspiring articles on the topic from many of my favorite authors:

1. Zen Habits: The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion

2. The Minimalists: ‘Follow Your Passion’ Is Crappy Advice

3. Courtney Carver: Create Passion Statements for Meaningful Work

With all the hours I have spent thinking about passion, it never resonated with me. I felt that I couldn’t start, there wasn’t enough time, and I didn’t even know where to start.

If you feel the same way, here are a few words of advice:

1. Stop Wishing & Start Doing: Possibly the hardest part, but you must take action. Take a moment to discover your most important people, moments, things in life. I guarantee it’s not your dark, dank cubicle or your stellar dining room table. For me, it is my home. It is a homecooked meal, kisses from my daughter, laughing hysterically, and reading a good book. Seems easy enough, but those things make me feel like me. They all enhance my life, not take away. It is for those things that I feel passionate. I want more of it. I enjoy it. Knowing that, I know that is what I must fill my life to the brim! Everything else is fluff and excess and doesn’t truly bring me joy.

Take a second to think of some things that you can’t do without. Once you find out, DO MORE OF IT. NOW.

2. Stop Spending Money & Working Yourself Sick: We work to provide. But, there comes a point when work takes over our life because we have bought more things than we can afford. We fill our life with stuff to fill a void. Rethink your spending. Do you need a fancy shirt to feel better or do you really need to relax in a hot bath? When is the last time you spent a weekend doing no housework? When have you stayed in your pjs at home and just rested up without any guilt? If your body is telling you to stop…stop.

3. Be greatful: This can be harder than it sounds. It’s the small moments of joy that we should be greatful. It’s not the bigger car. It’s the big hug from your children. It’s slowly waking up in the morning instead of jumping out of bed to be busy. It’s embracing simplicity and shamelessly enjoying yourself instead of being busy just to say that you are doing something.

If you take away the hustle and guilt for enjoying yourself, your true passions will emerge with time. I have discovered it is not an overnight thing, but with time, important things and passion-filled ideas will emerge. More rest equals more creativity. Less stress is more time to enjoy. Not being busy is bliss.


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