Minimalist Makeup: A Guide for Simple & Affordable Beauty


There was a time where $100 was the norm for me to spend on new makeup. I never checked up, believing that I had to have an expensive brand to look a certain way. After a rough bout with an eye infection, I had to throw out all of my makeup and cringed at the thought of buying all new.

So I did the unthinkable! I tried the cheap brand. And guess what? I am in love with the coverage, colors, and overall lightweight look that E.L.F brand has done for me. I should insert here that I am not getting paid for this post, this is just something I want to share.

The items I use are very simple:

1. Concealer: I have given up foundation/base because I found that it doesn’t work as well as straight concealer. I get the darker shade with a yellow base because I have olive skin tone. I only apply concealer on the t-zone area.

2. Bronzer: I absolutely love to wear bronzer year round. I put it up my cheekbones, on the sides of my nose, on my forehead, and under my chin/jaw line.

3. Eye Shadow: I have the 4 shade set of E.L.F eye shadow in purple because I have green eyes and I want them to stand out. First, I wet q-tips and apply the eye shadow. This makes it show up darker and stay all day. I swipe the dark purple along my lids, and highlight with the lightest shade up my brow.

4. Eye Shadow as Eye Liner: I’m giving up eyeliner. Instead, I use the dark brown in my shadow set as eye liner for a smoky look. I use the wet q-tip with dark brown and draw around my eyes as I would apply eyeliner. It is drastic, yet doesn’t leave the sharp black line like eyeliner does. It opens the eye and looks awesome.

5. Gloss: Not shown here in the picture, but I do apply Burt’s Beeswax chap-stick throughout the day.

6. Mascara: It pulls the whole look together and gives dimension to the eyes. I always use waterproof to reduce smudging and running. Vaseline is perfect for removing eye makeup.

Using the cheaper brand of makeup has really been a blessing and has simplified my beauty routine immensely. Not to mention the money that has been saved.

  • Only using 5 products saves time and space and does the same job as my other products
  • Time is saved because I am not digging trough lots of makeup items
  • Little space is used for my bronzer brush, concealer, eye shadow kit, bronzer, mascara and q-tips
  • Money is saved. My makeup routine now costs $8 instead of $100. Win.

I have learned so much while slowly simplifying my life and trying not to waste money. It really doesn’t take a lot to make small changes. Some things may just turn out perfectly {like my makeup switch} while other times, it may take a little more tries to get something the way you need it to be. This is all part of the journey. Fear should not stop you from living the life you want. Risk should be taken to follow your dreams. Small steps in the right direction is always a win.


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