A Baby “Stuff” Guide for the Minimalist Mom: Newborn Edition


I cringe at the thought of the amount of baby stuff I had right when my daughter was born. Every contraption you can think of. I was overwhelmed in towers of baby stuff, not knowing even how to use most of it. When the time came and I became a mom, I realized that so much of the things I thought I needed were not even necessary at all. Everyone has an opinion and then the natural nesting that occurs within makes you feel you have to prepare for every, single thing imaginable. I mean, I lost sleep over stuff my baby “could possibly” need.


I have compiled a list of my necessities. Tried and True. And if I were to do it all over again, this would be my list. No more contraptions needed. I mean sure, a swing may be used once or twice, and a bouncy seat may be used for a week- but really, it can just be a waste of time, space, and money. I know because I did it.

Here is what I used and would recommend to any new mom:


1. Snugabunny Rock-N’-Play Sleeper: This.Saved.My.Life. My baby would not sleep in a crib, pack-n-play, in my arms, in a bouncy seat. She did sleep in the Rock-N-Play. This thing is priceless. It is snuggly so the baby is cozy, it has an incline for the reflux, takes up little space, and it can be stored and transported with ease.

2. Swaddle Me Blanket: I believe that newborns need to swaddle while the sleep. They will fight it, but once they get used to it, it is a necessity. The Swaddle Me Blankets have a velcro that keeps the blanket in place for the night. Otherwise, a blanket just comes loose and the baby wakes up.

3. Boppy Pillow: Holding a newborn after a while hurts. No one ever told me that. I’m talking about some serious upper body aches! Miserable. Whether breast or bottle feeding or cranky baby, or just because they are so adorable…you hold your newborn a lot. The Boppy relieves so much pain. It snuggles the baby and will help your arms when they are like hot, boiled noodles. Plus, as the baby grows the pillow is perfect for propping them up to feed themselves! Also, the most comfortable pillow ever for mommy to nap on.

4. Avent Natural Bottles (5pk): Bottles are a debate because each baby is different. I tried Playtex + Liners and my daughter would just drown. I refused Dr. Brown because there is no way I am cleaning that many parts. Avent Natural worked perfectly! I can’t commend the brand enough. The bottles are big enough to make washing easy, and the nipple is wide and natural. The nipples have different sizes to grow with the baby. I suggest starting with a 5 pack. Seriously. I had a million bottles in all sizes from 4oz – 9oz and it is expensive and wasteful. Go ahead and get the 9oz from the start and only add bottles if only absolutely necessary.

5. BackPack: Only way to go. I had a Kalencom baby bag I swore by at first, that is until I only swear now by a BackPack. It just makes sense to strap it on your back because you need to be hands-free. The huge purse style baby bag simply gets in the way. They are huge and it just has so much extra space that is wasteful.

6. Pack-N-Play: My daughter transitioned from the Rock-N-Play to the Pack-N-Play in my room before moving to a crib in her own. Also, when we travel I use the Pack-N-Play for her bed. It can be used around the house to keep the child occupied with toys or naptime as well.

7. Muslin Blankets: Hands down the best. They are soft and breathable. Now, I had some of the cheaper ones because I like a good deal, but they are scratchy and uncomfortable. The pricier ones are just perfect. The wrap easy, and are not smothering when used as a blanket. I also use Muslin Crib Sheets now that my baby is a little older.

8. Ulubulu Pacifier Clips: Paci’s get lost. This clip makes it easy to keep up with the pacifier. It just clips onto the baby’s clothing, and wahlah!

9. Video Baby Monitor: This was a necessity for me. I was obsessive about my baby’s breathing {as most new mom’s are} and the monitor helps for peace of mind for me. It is expensive, but worth the loss of anxiety attacks!

10. Canon Rebel: I splurged on a nice camera. I get asked all the time if I am a photographer. Not professional by any means, however, I take some dang good pics with this camera! So easy to use. I just take the flash off and keep it on auto and my pictures look professional. My opinion: don’t waste money on baby contraptions that are useless {diaper genie, bumbo, mounds of toys} and get a good camera. You won’t be sorry.

11. Baby Gowns: Oh, the first few months of diaper changes is intense. You aren’t used to changing diapers and you are so sore, you don’t think you can physically go on another day. That is until you put a baby gown on the baby and the middle-of-the-night changes is not as bad. With snaps and zippers and a newborn baby that will poop while you are mid-swipe it can be catastrophe. The baby gown is just the way to go in the first month or two.

12. Car Seat: It’s the law. And safety first!

13. Stroller: Debatable. I have a big one for walking and such, but it takes up so much room. It is a honker. But it really has came in handy on long walks and trips. Sometimes now though, I use an umbrella stroller out and about just because it is more convenient.

14. Baby Book: I love looking at my baby book that my mom made for me. I feel it is important to notate important dates for the baby. That way the memories will be fun to show when the baby is older.

15. Pacifiers: Sometimes a baby is picky about their paci. I had a few different styles to begin with. She ended up loving the Avent brand because that is the type bottles I use.

16. Playmat

17. babycenter.com: The support and information is so helpful in the beginning. Most of all it helps to know you are not alone. I had to stop getting on there after a while because it just became overwhelming with all different opinions, but I referenced it a ton in the beginning.

18. Whitenoise: I downloaded SoundSleeper app to my iPad and my daughter started sleeping longer at night. The womb is super-lound and trying to put a baby to sleep in a quiet room just doesn’t work as well. I learned the hard way. But, the white noise saved the day! You can even use an old radio on a snowy FM station if you don’t have an iPad or don’t want to spend money on a machine {I wouldn’t recommend because they will grow out of this phase pretty quickly}.

19. Coffee: No sleep=Massive Amounts of Mommy Juice!

20. Grace: You are a great mom. You will be a great mom. Trust your instincts first. You will know what to do. I promise. Just love on that sweet baby!

Just like anything else in life — you learn as you go. Know that you will figure it out. Cherish every moment with your tiny cub because time flies and every day is different. Trust your gut. Use what you need. Take every moment as it comes. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Enjoy the simplicity. Be woman. Be mommy. Give kisses and hugs. Document the special moments. Take lots of pictures. Inhale love. Exhale peace. Give yourself a break and show yourself grace and mercy. Being mother is the most special gift from God. It is more than a job. It is life at its most precious. Your heartbeat will forever be outside your body. Take time to soak it all in. Enjoy the hard times and the good. It is so good. So, so good.


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