3 Steps to a Simple, Happy Life

There is always opportunity in the life for distraction. There are phone calls, social media sites, work, family and clutter all demanding attention. It can be overwhelming to try to do it all. I am the first to admit that I have spent my entire life attending to distractions and neglecting what is vitally important to me.

I longed for a simpler life for years and years before I got laid off from my job this past summer. I would spend hours a day reading some of my favorite minimalist sites such as bemorewithless, zenhabits, and theminimalists wondering when I could also live a simpler life and do meaningful work.

Then, the best and worst thing happened. I was laid off. I wanted to scream in excitement! Shortly after, I felt complete and utter panic.

It’s been several months and I have embraced a simple life. It is surprisingly easy now that the opportunity has presented itself. I spend my days doing things that I love:

  • Snuggling on my sweet baby girl, Charlotte.
  • Designing for my etsy shop @ Charli’sWeb
  • Getting better sleep
  • Less anxiety
  • Slowly sipping coffee in the morning
  • Decluttering my house
  • Redefining my relationship with stuff
  • Visiting my elderly grandparents

The weight lifted off of my shoulders since being at home has been life changing to say the least.

Before, I could barely keep my eyes open during the grueling days at the office. Then, I would come home nearly in tears as my family demanded so much attention. The house would be a wreck and my nerves were already gone by the time I walked in the door after a 12 hour day behind a desk. I resented deeply having to work so much to make ends meet.

It was getting time to start letting go and to start living the life I wanted.

Then I realized I would compulsively buying things to make myself happy. I was getting my manis and pedis because I deserved it and I had to have some downtime just to try to relax. I was drinking 3+ Monster Energy Drinks a day just to stay awake because of the lack of sleep.

We can change our lives. We have to choose a simple life. Simple life doesn’t just happen. A busy, obnoxious, exhausting life happens. We have to make the change.



Make a list of what is important to you. What would you do if you didn’t have to work so much? Who is important to you? How would you spend your days?


Once you know what drives you to living simply and moving toward what you love, take a small step. Does your clutter drive you crazy? Spend 10 minutes clearing out. Would you start a blog? Spend a few minutes creating one and just write. Take a small step in the direction toward simplicity.

Remove Distractions

Does Facebook make you feel bad as you compare your life to others? Perhaps turn it off for a day. Are you angry each time you open your unorganized closet in the morning? Try getting rid of just a few items to make a little room. Once distractions are removed, clarity starts to happen.

I was forced into the simple life that I always dreamed by being laid off. Instead of being sad about it, I am now trying to figure out how to live the simple life I always wanted. I know for me, spending more time with family, easing through my days without so much stress, and doing work I love – like writing and graphic design is the reasons why I am living a simple life. And for now, I am defending it with my whole heart and being.


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