{1} Thing Habit Change: Mini-Challenge


It can be completely overwhelming to declutter and simplify. You may have determined your reasons to change, but have no idea how to start. The stuff spilling out of closets and monsters revealing themselves from under the bed can seem like a huge mountain to climb. The key here is to pick something and start small.

I have been working hard for the last few years attempting to simplify my life. I have made some progress by doing some simple things such as:

But there is always more and my goal is to eliminate the unnecessary to make more room for doing the things I love.

I wanted to create some accountability so I am doing mini-challenges where I change one thing at a time for a week.

It is said that you can’t change a habit unless you do it for at least 21 days, but I am just starting small with 7 days. That way I can determine if it is best to continue or eliminate the challenge altogether-which is totally fine. I am done committing to things just to stick it out. I want the changes I make to be legit.

Mini Challenge Steps

1. Identify something you want to declutter or to find a better/easier way to do things

2. Remind/Write down the reasons for doing the challenge

3. Focus on the mini-challenge for 7 days

4. Evaluate what you have discovered after 7 days and decide whether or not you would like to continue

Micro-focusing on one area in your life can have major benefits. Small steps in change add up to big results in the future.


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