5 Steps to Get Out of a Rut

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Feeling like I am stuck in a rut has almost been a daily misery for me. Sometimes it can be that I just simply don’t like what I am doing. Other times I fear making a mistake. It can be over something silly like I don’t want to start a confrontation or rock the boat just so life can stay the same.

I tell myself that it will just be easier and more comfortable to just do the same ‘ole, same ‘ole for the sake of laziness. Fear has a tendency to make one lazy. Fear will tell me that I am not good enough to try this new recipe because I will just burn it, so instead I make spaghetti. Fear may tell me to stay in the same cruddy job because it pays the bills even though I dread getting up in the morning. Fear is the number one reason that holds us up on following our dreams and exploring our passions.

Instead of just letting fear run my life, I am making a conscious effort to go with my gut. I want to try new things because I want to. If I fail, so what? Since when did I even think I was perfect anyway?

I have had major fear in creating this blog. I am afraid no one will like what I have to say. I fear that my writing is just simply awful. I fear that someone is going to say something mean. The real fact here is that I am writing because I love it and I want to. If I help at least one person, it is all worth it. It’s time for me to really think about the reasons I am doing something. If the reason I am not doing what I want to is because of fear, I need to have a handy set of skills on standby to conquer and move on and live the life I truly want to live.

5 Steps to Get Out of a Rut

1. Take Action

This is so simple but can be the hardest to start. Action will combat fear. Moving forward in the right direction of your dreams is never something to discount. Yes, you could fail but so what? You were risking doing something out of drive and passion. You can always try again or use failure to learn something and change focus to something else. What is there to lose?

2. Know Your Reasons for Starting

Write down what it is you want to do. Is it quit your day job to follow your dream? Pay down debt? Go back to school? Start a blog? Why do you want to do these things? Focus in on the true reason for your endeavor. I am sure it will become clear that you are following your heart. It is always better to follow your heart in lieu of the voice of fear, because once you begin and focus on your energy on your dreams, fear will finally hush.

3. Focus

Come back to your reasons. It is easy to get lax, but really put some thought into your dreams.

4. Be Present

Don’t compare your now to the past or future. This is where I always feel stuck. I don’t want to make the same mistakes of the past, and I am terrified of the future. All we have is this very second to make our life great. If it is making you happy or you can feel passionate about something, that is what you need to do. You do not need to wait until you are a millionaire to enjoy your life. That may not even happen, then what? We are given the present for a reason.

5. Stay Positive

Our minds are crazy little creatures. Our thoughts can tell us some of the nastiness things about ourselves. Turn off the negativity. Every time a negative self thought creeps in, notice it, laugh at it, and let it go. Stay positive. Know you are good enough right this moment. This moment is perfect just like it is.

Feeling stuck is simply human nature. We obsess about our past and our future. We are human afterall. We need to focus in on the reasons we want to follow our passions. We don’t need to wait until the house is paid off, the kids are out of the house, we get that new car to have a good life. Our life is perfect now. With a positive attitude and some serious focus on making our life the happiest we can, that is all we need right now.


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