How To: Kill the Closet’s Clutter Monster’s Easy & Guilt Free

I am attempting to find things that are making me unhappy and changing them into something that makes me happy. I have been unhappy with too many areas in my life for far too long. After slumming and feeling sorry for myself waiting for success, things, and others to make me happy, I realized…


That has resonated with me very deeply.

So today, I decided that the hall closet packed full of unused linens is making me unhappy. I dread even opening the door. It’s up to me to change what makes me sad and misreable. Therefore, it’s on to kill the Closet Monsters!


1. Get Your Supplies

In this case it is very simple. Plastic bags. I am a girl on a mission, here. This is going to be some serious business and I am not playing around. You may even want to have some cleaning spray on hand to dust off your shelves.

2. Mindset

Have your mind made up why you are doing this project. Some of my reasons are:

  • I feel so overwhelmed with closet clutter that I do not even open this door or do laundry like I should.
  • I am hanging onto duplicates for “just in case” future moments

I want to purge the unnecessary out of my life to make room for what I love most. This is my mission statement.

3. Let Go

Know that you will probably find many duplicates and just in case items, like I had. Be prepared to keep only the best. Truly, when it comes to bed linens, you only need one extra set to rotate while the other is in the wash. Tell yourself you will keep only what you use.

Time to work. As you can see, there has been a major difference at my house!


This is packed out, people. I realized that over half of these linens fit a full-sized bed. I don’t own a full-sized bed.


I have like, 10 throws. We only use one.

IMG_6302I found two throw pillows that I didn’t even know I had. They got purged since I didn’t even know I had them. Anything that was more than one extra set per bed and one throw is gone now.

IMG_6303Bag it up! It’s time for all this closet clutter to be donated.


Almost a completely empty closet. It’s crazy to think that I need all this extra storage space and closets when really, I don’t. I’m storing things that is not even being used.

What has me floored is that those bags of extra linens and pillows has been moved into different houses THREE TIMES in the last THREE YEARS.

I feel so free now that I have let go of the excess.

Getting rid of the clutter will allow you

  • Space to create
  • Peace
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Less stuff to manage
  • Less time to work around the unnecessary

Once you have a mission in mind, it is easy to let go. If your reason for creating space in your life is important, it is time to take action.

You don’t have to go all in. Pack up what you don’t want and store away for 60 days. After that, if you use it great if not, donate! I made a drastic change here because I am tired of being scared of the Closet Monsters. Extra sheets do not own me. If it comes down to it, I can always purchase more. For now, the space and freedom and emptiness of this closet makes me smile.

Take action. You are responsible for your own happiness. Your stuff does not own you. Try it out, you may just fall in love!


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